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Play shouldn’t just be affordable. It should be free.

NOR breaks the shackles of traditional game monetization— expensive cosmetics, exploitative battle passes, and pay-to-win skins that all corrupt the fun of the game. These only serve to bind and corrupt play itself. Whatever happened to skill?

It’s time to free play for everyone, and welcome players back to gaming.

The game of games.

Build your esports empire.

NOR takes inspiration for the meta-game from real-world sports, where players play the sports and team owners play a game of their own: amassing wealth through smart trades, deals, and contracts. This is NOR’s meta-game, the “game of games”, a virtual business empire built with real money for real stakes, where broadcast rights, team ownership, real estate, advertisements, pro tournaments, and sponsorships are part of their own ruthless competition.

It’s monetization for video games, without being in the games themselves.

Play for Fun,
or as a Pro.

For free or for keeps.

All of NOR’s games are easy to learn and hard to master. NOR offers a library of fully-free games built by our development team and select 3rd-party developers.

Just like in amateur vs. professional sports, “going pro” is reserved for the best players. They are recruited by meta-gamers to compete in NOR’s professional tournaments. Our seamless interface tracks gamer stats and offers meta-gamers the opportunity to recruit the best players for our professional tournaments.


Losing should hurt.

In NOR, winning and losing matters. NOR’s professional tournaments are high-stakes, winner-takes-all competitions. In real-world sports, the loser goes home. In NOR, the loser dies. Only the champions survive.

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