As we come close to our launch, we sit down with our CTO Mo Khalifa to get an understanding of what the NOR platform provides that no other gaming platform does.

“We have created an industry-first platform that gives the power back to the user by harnessing decentralised technology. The user data and in-game items are truly owned by the player, not stored on a server owned by the company. The platform works seamlessly as any other platform and we don’t have any extra plugins for the user to add, no wallets, etc. We have also built an in-game economy that hasn’t been seen before. We don’t use tradable coins on the open market. We keep it fair and square for the player.” – Mo Khalifa


“The latest feature we have is our matchmaking system which doesn’t require the user to wait in a game lobby until other players join. It’s all done seamlessly and quickly to give the player a better experience. This was made possible by a long period of detailed research and development to find a solution that will work and make this dream a reality.

NOR is collaborating with Holochain and Rain to create a web3 and dweb game economy and ecosystem. We are building a decentralized platform with a series of games that keeps player data transparent, and is scalable across web, mobile, and desktop, with aligned incentives for players and metagamers.

The NOR platform is the decentralized gaming and metagaming access point. Login looks like web2 but actually connects to your local keys– meaning all participants are fully in control of their data. This identity connects to various gaming systems and stores player data on a distributed network.”


“The NOR tournament system sells tickets and offers player entries, rewarding both metagamers and players upon tournament completion. This utilizes web3 and dweb technologies for a transparent, low-friction system. NOR, Holochain, and Rain are working together to extend this world of competitive gaming/esports. Platform, ID, tickets, tournaments, game stadia, rewards, contracting and more are in the works for 2024. Additional functionality like asset crafting, player souls, extensible onchain asset economy, onchain game energy and currencies are in the works. Stay tuned.”